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1. Laws and Regulations:

Here you can find information about policies, laws and regulations on attracting foreign investment. All the information is included in the database, where you can make a search by policy, law or regulation title, category (such as taxation, industry and commerce, foreign exchange, bank, etc.), promulgator, release date, period of validity, key words or full text.

2. News:

Here the latest investment information is released, including "News", "Video & Audio" and "The Focus". In "The Focus", there are serial reports on economic and trading activities as well as the trade fairs. You can search them by key words, source, release date, author, or full text.

3. Sectors:

This part is about the development of key sectors where foreign investment is contributed, information on relevant policies, and introduction to similar sectors in the world. The sectors are classified so you can search by sector, region, investor's country or investor name.

4. Business Environment:

This section provides information on the economic development in the whole country and in specific area, industrial development, market details, economic system, macroeconomic index, infrastructure, policies and regulations, official procedures, etc. You can search by country, region, sector, economic index, infrastructure or time.

5. Promotion:

In this part, we release the latest information on exhibitions of investment attraction. And information on investment promotion and service organizations is also provided.
The exhibitions can be searched by name, time, sponsor or location.
You can use the directory of foreign economic and trade authorities, CCPIT and investment promotion agencies for your search.


Opportunities This part contains three sub-columns namely A List of the Projects, FDI Intentions and Key Projects, where you can search by sector, country/area, project name, source, release date or period of validity.

7. Statistics:

This section provides statistic news and the relevant data, which can be searched by key words, statistics index name, time or statistics office.

8. Research:

Here we release the research results achieved by MOFTEC and other governmental organs, research institutions, experts and scholars on investment attraction policies, laws and regulations. You can search by researcher, report category, release date or key words.
This part also includes a directory of research institutions, experts and scholars, where a search can be made by either name or region.

9. Annual Inspection:

Here we promptly release annual inspection notices from authorities for industry and commerce, taxation (state administration of taxation and local administration of taxation), finance, foreign exchange, and customs. You can search by information category, key words, release time or source.

10. Investment Consulting: 

Welcome to this section. Here interactive communication between you and our website can be realized.
The MOFTEC, other governmental authorities, research institutions and experts concerned will answer frequently asked questions from enterprises at home and abroad. This covers explanations to the questions raised by visitors, and policies from authorities concerned.

11. State Development Zone:

This part releases news, policies, regulations, statistics on state development zones, and information on investment attraction projects. We have gathered websites of a number of development zones that may be useful to you.
News: This section covers news and significant events related to the economic development of the zones. You can search by key words or release time

In this section, there are data on various policies, laws and regulations, as well as administrative documents concerning the state development zones. You can make a conditional search by full text or something else.
Projects: Here is a list of the projects in the development zones. You can search by sector, country/area, project name, source, release time or period of validity.
Statistics: These are comprehensive statistics on seasonal (annual) reports, key economic index and economic data of the development zones

12. Customer Services:

This column is set up particularly for promoting conveniences for investors. It contains two sub-columns namely Feedback and Survey.
Feedback: If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them to us online. We will handle it promptly.
Survey: Here are some questionnaires on FDI policies, laws and regulations, business environment, management level, customer satisfaction, etc.. You can vote online and get the result immediately.

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